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ecologically clean veneer baskets
Natural wood product
Wir und Umwelt
Natural wood product

“FORESTHANDEL Ltd.” is an environmentally conscious and friendly company. We use no chemicals in our production. We have no manufacturing residues: the remaining cores and wastes are used for heating the premises and drying of the products. We procure wood only from legal sources and suppliers, controlled or run by forest management organizations.

Wir und Umwelt

Clear perception of responsible treatment of environment rises constantly. It is a question not only of scarcity of raw materials or pollution of environment.

Veneer containers are economical, rational and intelligent use of valuable raw material such as wood. They do not pollute environment, as in case with plastic. Intentional cutting of wood creates living space for new trees, improves growth of young trees, resulting in consumption of more carbon dioxide and reducing so frightening “greenhouse effect”.

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Natural wood product
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Natural wood product


Our company "Foresthandel Ltd." produces and supplies different kind of packing from birch and asp veneer: hand- woven baskets and trays for mushrooms, berries, vegetables and fruits, dried fruits, nuts and other food stuff.

Our products are notable for their high quality, made from natural wood - birch and asp, growing in ecologically clean part of Belarus. All our products undergo strict quality control. They do not contain any harmful substances or chemically active matters and correspond to all European quality standards.

The assortment of our products
is partially presented below:






in truck


Champignons, plums or tomatoes 180 x 140 x 50 app. 180 000 pcs.
Champignons, plums or tomatoes 180 x 150 x 50 app. 180 000 pcs.
Champignons, plums or tomatoes 185 x 130 x 55 app. 160 000 pcs.
Champignons, plums or tomatoes 140 x 120 x 40 neben 200 000 st.


strawberries, apples, berries 360 x 160 x 100 app. 15 000 pcs.
mushrooms or berries 200 x 120 x 90 app. 40 000 pcs.

In addition to shown products we can produce the items of other dimensions, including boxes for fruits and vegetables according to your requirements.

Natural wood product Champignons, plums or tomatoes mushrooms or berries Champignons, plums or tomatoes

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baskets according to your order
baskets according to your order baskets according to your order